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Best Turn-Based Strategy Game 2007! Unique fantasy cards strategy game - never before on any Pocket PC

This unique strategy game taking place in a world separated into many connected islands, called Orions. You must battle the Orion Lords defeating all that stand in your path in this world of Legendary Wizards.

You will fight using battle cards - monsters and spells, all unique not only by appearance, but also by their amazing abilities. Meet Liches and Demons, Efreets and Hydras, Elves and Priests, Magic Elementals and Unicorns in the final fight for the battle for Orions!

Unique full-size strategy, never before on a Pocket PC scene: cards based fights, build orders, RPG elements, economics.
Two game modes to play: Campaign and a Duel, where you can fight AI or a human opponent.
TCP/IP based multiplayer, which means that you can play over Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or even Internet*.
Six schools of magic, at least 12 unique cards in each.
66 unique buildings to build.
Powerful particle engine, animating every single card's ability or a spell.
Everything to make the game complete: music and sound effects, comprehensive manual, interactive tutorial, epic story, and a great deal of one unique gameplay, never before on any PDA.

Version 1.20 includes:

Several minor bug fixes.
Stability improvements.



Any PocketPC with resolution 240x320 or 480x640.
12 Mb of Program Memory (up to 15 Mb for Windows Mobile 5 devices)
7 Mb Storage Memory
Please try demo version before purchasing!

Only if your device have a real IP adress, this depends on your network provider.


by Ben Stanley Pocket PC Magazine
"I know that 2007 just began, but I think Orions: Legend of Wizards will probably be the best game of the year! With more layers of strategy than a large onion, the gameplay experience alone would justify the honor. Add to that dazzling graphics and capable sound effects and it's almost a sure thing! I can't wait for the expansion packs!

"At a time when, still, inexplicably, a lot of developers continue to churn out rehashed versions of games that have already been made dozens of times, Moregames has now produced not one, but two revolutionary Windows Mobile games (the other of course being Enslave). For those of you who weren't already convinced, with this game, Moregames has shown itself to be a true leader in Windows Mobile game development!"

by Allistair Lee Mobile View
9.5/10 - "I recommend this game to you all."

by nonstandardized
"This game is quite a breakthrough in Pocket PC gaming."

by Doug Goldring Just Another Mobile Monday
"Best turn-based strategy game I have ever played on the Pocket PC.
Orions: Legend of Wizards is, without hesitation, the best strategy game I have played on the Pocket PC. It is essentially two games in one. First, it is a turn-based strategy game in which you must build an army and conquer all of the other armies in order to unite the world under your control. Like any turn based strategy game, there is an economic component and a military component to the game. In addition, however, Orions blazes a new trail by adding the battle elements."

by Menneisyys Aximsite
"Without doubt the best Windows Mobile game released so far this year - and, I'd say, the best turn-based strategy game for the Windows Mobile game ever released. Its one of the very few games you MUST buy believe me."


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