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Best Turn-Based Strategy Game 2007! Brand expansion to Orions: Legend of Wizards.

Expansion pack requires Orions: Legend of Wizards to play!

Orions: The Second Age is an expansion pack for Orions: Legend of Wizards game and requires original game to play. It includes 30 brand new cards with amazing abilities. Not only that: it also has some new features to enrich the gameplay both in campaign and duel modes.

You can now instantly teleport between your own Orions by selecting destination Orion and pressing Teleport button.
When you start a campaign, you will now receive a few cards from your natural element. Also, increased elemental boost in this element while fightning.
Campain mode rebalanced - it's now slightly easier and more fun.
Enemy in Campaign now sometimes builds something he needed.
Added new bulding "Black Market" to purchase add-on cards there.
Improved AI a little, and decreased its bonuses in duel mode. 'Normal AI' now gains just what you get, so you are equal rivals.
Added various options for dueling mode to enrich your experience. Includes "Extended deck", "Non-uniform deck", "No Spells" modes, and more.

Version 1.20 includes:

Balance Changes:
Tython is now slightly stronger. (More HP and attack damage)
Tython's casting no longer costs water elements.
Lightning Bolt damage increased to 6.
Remade Avatar.
Guardian: now loses less health each round.
Fixed cast cost for Spider.
Imp: Health increased.
Infernal: Level lowered to 10.
Diablo casting now cost 1 Fire and weakened a little.
Several minor bug fixes.
Stability improvements.

Common Bugs:
AI no longer casts Scylla's abilities too much.
Leviathan, Nixie, Demon - elemental issues solved. (No more exchange nothing for fire/water).
Fixed Black Market issues.
Fixed Necromancer multiplayer issue.



Orions: Legend of Wizards version 1.20 or higher
13 Mb of free RAM
Please remember, this is not a stand-alone game, try demo version before purchasing!


by Menneisyys pocketgamer.org
" All serious Pocket PC gamers know Orions: Legend of Wizards, by far the BEST Turn-based strategy game for the platform, of which Iíve published a Strategy Guide. ...Thanks to the developers, Iíve received a Release Candidate version of the expansion pack. And, yes, I LOVE it. Itís REALLY good."

by Doug Goldring Just Another Mobile Monday
"I was extremely pleased to see the release of this Orions expansion pack. Orions: Legend of Wizards is probably the best and most complex game I have played on the Pocket PC, and The Second Age expansion pack made this great game even better."


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