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Best Turn-Based Strategy Game 2007!The second add-on to Orions: Legend of Wizards.

Orions: Deckmasters the second add-on to bestselling Orions: Legend of Wizards game!

The second add-on requires Orions: Legend of Wizards to play!


45 new amazing cards - monsters and spells.
The long anticipated "Custom Decks" feature, that allows to build your own deck and use it for fighting in duels.
New "Draft" mode, where players pick cards out of randomly generated "pool", and then use these cards as their fighting decks.
New modes work both in Bluetooth multiplayer and "hot-seat".
Enemy heroes will now use add-on cards in campaign.



12 Mb of Program Memory
7 Mb Storage Memory
Please remember, this is not a stand-alone game, try demo version before purchasing!
Orions: Legend of Wizards version 1.20 or higher,

by Werner Ruotsalainen pocketpcmag.com
" The new add-on, Orions: Deckmasters, for probably the best (native) Windows Mobile game of all times...Iíve been playing it for more than three weeks and, now, I feel Iím able to write a very thorough Guide and Tips"

by Doug Goldring JustAnotherMobileMonday.com
" I have long thought Orions: Legend of Wizards was among the best games available for Windows Mobile. The DeckMasters expansion pack confirms that opinion. The addition of 45 new cards, custom decks, and the Draft Mode are just what this game needed."


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